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P r o f i l e Kathak Geneva Kathak Genève Kathak Geneve Kathak Switzerland

​Nathalie Masson is a Kathak dancer born in Geneva (Switzerland), the city of Calvinus. At a young age she started training in classical dance and modern jazz. After several years trying different dance styles, she realized that her beloved style was Bollywood dance, that she practiced for some years.


Then, during a Kathak dance workshop in Geneva, she met the dancer who was soon to become her guru, Smt. Sushmita Banerjee, a celebrated Kathak exponent (belonging to the Lucknow Gharana) based in Kolkata, and the sparks flew. Since then she is totally focused on Kathak and she had the incredible opportunity to follow with her guru the traditional way of teaching: guru-shishya paramparā.

Kathak Geneva Kathak Genève

​​She currently travels several times a year to Kolkata in order to attend Smt. Sushmita Banerjee teaching and to participate in Kathak performances across the country of the maharajas.​ In parallel she is following the traditional Kathak syllabus and every year she presents herself to the official Kathak exams held by the Institute Prayag Sangeet Samiti - Allahabad. In 2015, she has obtained the Prayag Sangeet Samiti's 6th year diploma in Kathak with first division (BA in Kathak). Kathak Geneva Kathak Genève


She has launched her own association in 2017 (Vidhya - Cultural Association) to promote Indian arts, and she also performs Kathak in Geneva and surroundings in the local scenes with the aim of letting a larger audience discover and appreciate this ancient art. She also lauched a Kathak duo under the name of Dharkan.

  Kathak Geneva Kathak Genève Kathak Geneve Kathak Switzerland

As a complement to her Kathak training, she is following vocal lessons as well as traditional Hindustani musical education. She also holds a Diploma in languages ​​and cultures of India and Iran (Universidad de Salamanca - Spain) and a Diploma in Economics and Business in India (Instituto de Altos Estudios Universitarios - Spain).

 Kathak Geneva Kathak Genève

​Through her dance she has been incredibly lucky to meet several artists from India and across the world who all have in common their dedication and love for the dance art. 

Kathak Geneva Kathak Genève Kathak Geneve Kathak Switzerland

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